The Best Seminole, Florida Suburbs to Raise a Family

Family is one of the precocious things that every human has in his life. It plays a central role in character development and acquisition of values for every person. People naturally form a special bond with their families. A family environment has a direct influence on the members of the family. There is no better way to demonstrate your love for your family than choosing to live in an environment that is the most conducive for the family’s happiness. If you have a young family, you may want to consider settling in a place closer to the school that you have chosen for your child.

Seminole has been ranked to have 78 percent livability compared to other cities in Florida and nationally in 2017. It has an A+ ranking in amenities and living costs. The list of amenities includes groceries, food and drink, shopping, coffee, schools, parks, libraries and books, entertainment, public transit and fitness. Seminole, Florida’s cost of living is rated at 96 percent on various indexes with the housing index rated at 92 percent. This is 8 percent lower than the national one.

Having knowledge on the local weather conditions is vital for you to decide whether or not to live here. Seminole, Florida has an A national weather rating. Its highest monthly average temperature is 84F in August and the lowest is 63F in January. 9.5 inches of monthly precipitation happens in July. Seminole, Florida’s quality index is 13 percent, which is better than the national average and its population index is 81 percent which is also better than the national index.

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Nearby suburbs where someone can settle a family are”


  • Tierra Verde


This place is 12.3 miles away from Seminole, Florida with a population of 3227 and 86 percent livability score.


  • Harbor Oaks Clear Water


This is a neighborhood 7.9 miles away with a population of 91 people.


  • Harbor Woods Village, Clear Water


Ii is a neighborhood 13 miles away with 85 percent livability and 250 people.


  • Rainbow Farms, South Clear Water


A neighborhood that is 12 miles away with 85 percent livability score and 73 people.


  • Feather Sound


It is 7.5 miles away with a livability score of 85 percent and its population is 3,235.


  • Oak Forest of Countryside, Clear Water


The neighborhood is 13 miles away with a population of 239 people and a livability score of 84 percent.


  • Safety Harbor


Safety Harbor is 12.5 miles away from Seminole, Florida with an unemployment rate of 6.8, livability score of 79 percent and a population of 17,017.


  • Indian Shores


Despite its low population of 1400 people, Indian Shores has a high school graduation rate of 94 percent and an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent.

Getting the best residence for your family is necessary for better living. Coming up with a criteria that can help you decide what offers the best for your family is the first place to begin.


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