Top 3 Oviedo Florida Restaurants


– Its famous for Sushi, Japanese cuisine and seafood.

– It derived its name from the Japanese pop (popular) culture, including the latest music, cinemas and most importantly, cuisine.

– It is a high-class restaurant where a number of delicious dishes are available made from fine quality ingredients.

– The ingredients purchased by this restaurant are imported from Japan’s best local markets and Tsukiji fish market.

– The bar includes some of the best selected drinks and cocktails, having different and delicious tastes.

– It is also famous for its omakase where the menu is decided by the chef. In this restaurant, the chef makes an innovative menu containing 8 to 9 dishes known as omakase. The only condition for omakase is that it must be pre-ordered almost 48 hours in advance.

– Another attractive feature of this restaurant is that the menu always changes depending upon the time of the day.

– It also has a VIP lounge.

2) Yuki Hana Japanese Fusion:

– It is famous for sushi, fresh sashimi and innovative rolls especially cooked by the chefs. The chefs basically use traditional and famous cuisines of Japan and then mix them with various other specialties that belong to different cultures, such as mixing Japanese cuisine with Italian sauces or Indian Spices.    

– The ingredients used here are purchased from specific markets famous for their specialties.

– It offers Happy Hours in the evening where a number of dishes are available in low and affordable prices.

– The most famous cuisines of this restaurant, namely sushi and sashimi, are known for their innovative twists.

– It is also famous for its Fusion Cuisine that offers various famous dishes in a new and innovative form. It includes Tempura and Noodles.

– It also offers catering services for all types of parties and events.

– This restaurant also boasts of excellent nightlife.

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3) Black Hammock Restaurant:

– It is not only a restaurant but also a nature park.

– It is an award-winning restaurant where different seafood items, such as catfish and fried gator are quite famous. It also offers various types of sandwiches at very affordable prices.

– It hosts a number of outdoor parties and events as the location is perfect for this purpose.

– Airboat rides are the special attraction of Black Hammock Restaurant, as this restaurant is located near Jesup. This lake is famous for its alligators and birds. These airboat rides provide perfect and safe sightseeing opportunity for animal lovers.

– The Lazy Gator Bar, as the name suggests, is a bar that is located on the lake Jesup and provides an amazing view of the lake with delicious drinks for people who would like to relax for some time.

– Other activities available here apart from having airboat rides and drinking in Lazy Gator Bar are bird watching and fishing. Some of the birds that can be seen here are Bald eagle, Egret, Ducks, Turkeys and many more.

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