Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Tallahassee, Florida

1.)     Tallahassee Museum:

  • It is located near Bradford and Cascade Lake in Downtown Tallahassee.
  • In this museum, some very beautiful and important artifacts are displayed.  
  • It is popular to enjoy the wildlife display preserved here while walking on the boardwalks of this museum. Animals that are native to Florida, like red wolves, river otters, bears, foxes, alligators and deer can be easily seen in their natural habitat.
  • There is a beautiful garden where a number of butterflies, lizards and tortoise burrows can be seen.
  • Beautiful lake Hiawatha is home to many turtles and birds.
  • There is a Big Bend Farm with farm buildings where many farm animals, such as cow, sheep, mule and others reside. Apart from animals crops, such as sugarcane, cotton and sweet potato are also cultivated.
  • Jim Gary’s Dinosaurs exhibition exhibits colorful dinosaurs made of discarded and waste parts of automobiles.
  • A café called Trail Break Café located inside the museum offers delicious food and drinks for the visitors.
  • In this Museum, the old and native Florida is also displayed.
  • Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church: This first black church was established in 1851. The church was shifted to the Tallahassee Museum of History & Natural Science as a project of Florida A & M University.
  • The Concord Schoolhouse, Bellevue Plantation and Seaboard Airline Caboose are some old constructions that were moved to the museum.



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2.)     St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge:

  • The main aim for which this Wildlife Refuge came into existence is to provide home for migratory birds that migrate here in winter.
  • This refuge includes islands, tidal creeks and costal marshes which can  be found in Florida Rivers.
  • The wildlife here includes American Alligator, Bald eagle and red cockaded woodpeckers.
  • Other attractions of this refuge include Long leaf pines and fresh water lakes where many birds live along with alligators.
  • Here different types of beautiful plants can also be seen. These plants mature early and their survival rate is high. Examples are Cogon grass, Chinese tallow tree and Japanese climbing fern.
  • A unique feature of this wildlife is that it offers different experience in different seasons. For example, in spring (from April to June), ospreys, woodpeckers, kites, deer, wood storks and different migratory birds are seen. In summer (July to September), white ibis, baby alligators and many butterflies are seen. In winter (October to March), waterfowl and great blue herons are spotted.


3)  Alfred B. Maclay Garden:

  • Plants in this garden were planted by Alfred B. and Louise Maclay.
  • It is a beautiful garden with picturesque walkway, beautiful flowers and a reflective pool.
  • Lakes available here are Lake Hall, gum pond and lake over street.
  • This garden is a perfect place for picnic and one can participate in many outdoor activities, like bicycling, Canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking, horse riding and boating.
  • This garden also offers some informative games, like geocaching. Here a Global Positioning System is used by players to find caches.
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